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Gina Nelson

Gina Nelson

Pizza and push ups

Gina Nelson has a B.A in Human Ecology from Montclair State University.  A few years post graduation, she decided to go back to Montclair to complete the P-3 Alternate Route program and become a teacher. Gina has been working as a Pre-K teacher for the past 4 years.  When she first made the transition to her new career, it took a toll on her health and fitness. She would come home exhausted and starving, eat an enormous bowl of cereal, followed by a 2 hour nap. Exercise had dwindled down to a once a week session.  Definitely not a recipe for a healthy body.  During her first year she gained about 25lbs. Her clothes no longer fit and she felt uncomfortable in her own body. How did she get to this place? All of her life she had been active. As a child she took dance and gymnastic classes, rode her bicycle everywhere, and frequently went roller and ice skating.  In high school she was a cheerleader, and as a young adult she began attending group fitness classes, which she enjoyed and learned a lot from. Somehow she had abandoned exercise almost altogether and adopted very poor eating and sleeping habits.  She felt hopeless. Her motivation and energy was low, and her self esteem was even lower. It seemed like it would be impossible to get back into shape, she felt stuck. She knew working out alone would be short lived, and that returning to what she enjoyed (group fitness classes) would be the only hope to keep her motivated. She signed up for classes and followed through. At first she felt insecure, wearing loose clothing to hide the extra pounds she was carrying, but the more frequently she attended, the stronger and more confident she became. Finally after months of hard work and clean eating, she lost all of the weight she had put on, but more importantly regained her confidence, and realized she was much stronger than she ever gave herself credit for. She knew she owed much of her success to the instructors who made her feel comfortable and appropriately challenged her. Realizing the impact an instructor can make in the lives of others, she made it a goal to become a group fitness instructor herself.  Gina currently obtains a Group Fitness Instructor Certification from AFAA, as well as a CPR-AED certification.  She enjoys variety in her workouts, including but not limited to: kickboxing, plyometrics and strength training. She also enjoys 5k races and obstacle course runs like the Rugged Maniac. This year she is attempting the Tough Mudder! She believes if she constantly challenges herself in new avenues of fitness, she will become stronger, acquire new skills, which in turn will make her Real Body Fit classes more challenging and interesting for her clients.

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